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Legal insurance by LOfavør (LOfavør Advokatforsikring)

For members with legal insurance through LOfavor, LO Norway's benefits program

Legal insurance by LOfavør

As a member of an LO Norway union, you already have access to legal assistance from LO’s lawyers for employment issues, but with Legal Insurance, your membership also covers assistance for most private matters where you may need the help of a lawyer.

Legal Insurance is provided by HELP Forsikring, which have lawyers on staff, ready to help you when you need it. 

Members with Legal insurance get: 

The policy applies to the member, his/her spouse/domestic partner and children under 20 years of age living at home. In the event of a domestic dispute, the insurance applies to the person who is an LO member with LOfavør Legal Insurance.

This policy applies only to matters governed by Norwegian, Swedish and Danish law and which are under Norwegian, Swedish or Danish jurisdiction. Expenses for interpreters are not covered by this insurance.